So it Goes, a tale of two Tones

I’d met Tony Wilson properly in 1978 when he was at Granada TV and one of the anchors on their local news program. Within the format they used to have a What’s On section which Tony presented……. which strangely enough was about what was on in the area regarding music, the arts etc. Tony had […]

The dawn of Factory

I started working at Island Records in 1978, after spending the previous four years selling records out of the back of a van for Transatlantic and laterally ABC Records. They were a glorious four years and worthy of their own blog so I will waste no further time here, suffice to say many friends were […]

If it ain’t stiff it ain’t worth signing

Even though no one knew it at the time, the Stiff/Chiswick challenge became a historical moment in music. It was the night most people either ignored or missed Joy Division, though speaking for myself I couldn’t be accused of ignoring someone I was too knackered to wait around for! As one might expect with Stiff […]

Plastic Fantastic

I pulled up and into a meter bay right outside the front door of Granada, banged in a couple of coins and marched my band The Plastics, or two Plasticos to be exact up to reception.’Tony Michaelides and The Plastics here to see Tony Wilson…Thanks.’ The lady buzzed through to the studio and within a […]