X Factor….or not?

And so we have it, the return of Mr Cowell. For all the furore and madness sounding the Return of the Gedi it looks, from the media’s perspective like it was too many bells and whistles and not enough of what people want.  And when we had the Neilson ratings the public voted with their […]

Voicing the X Factor

What a madhouse the Cheryl Cole/Simon Cowell school of hype is. It seems that the success of American Idol has been too much to handle, Simon thought he would be missed and clearly no one gives a toss! Tyler, Lopez and Randy dog have given it such a new lease of life that it’it’s become more […]

X Factor and Mr Cowell

X  Factor is gathering up some unfavorable press in it’s homeland, the UK . Maybe the backlash is imminent and Britain is doing as Britain does,  builds ’em up to knock ’em down. As X Factor preps for it’s US debut it is now several seasons old in the UK and although he would never […]

Ga Ga ra ra ra.

Image or talent, how many times have we heard that? The music industry thrived on both and over many genres, artists who made great music just had that look. From Bowie to The Rolling Stones, from Elvis to Tina Turner. They looked worthy of a stage,  they almost needed one. It was their place for […]