Clarence Clemons and The Edge of Glory.

It’s been over a week now since the passing of the E Street Band’s sax player, the great Clarence Clemons but the sadness still lingers. I had wanted to write my own obituary but last week didn’t seem right, first my birthday celebrations and then becoming a grandad. It was on the the Saturday I […]

Brooooce is in the house

Looking back rarely did a day go by where I didn’t hear of or didn’t tell, a story. It’s left me wanting to phone everyone I ever knew to fill in the gaps. Just this week I received a note from Tash, my pal from back in my A and M days. We’d been to […]

The shows of old

I don’t miss going to gigs. I spent most of my life there for the best part of 25 years either with bands I was working with or choosing to go and see others in the time I had off. And looking back I saw pretty much everyone I wanted to. Now here’s the difference…………..I […]

Road wars

We’ll have to see but a change is gonna come, of that I am sure.Touring cannot go on at this level. The few that care are more scarce than ever and Bruce and U2 must hope that when they take their new record to the masses and hit thecannot go on at this level. road […]