Brooooce is in the house

Looking back rarely did a day go by where I didn’t hear of or didn’t tell, a story. It’s left me wanting to phone everyone I ever knew to fill in the gaps. Just this week I received a note from Tash, my pal from back in my A and M days. We’d been to […]

Kids and gigs U2 at Gateshead

Well it looks like I got my daughter’s birth date wrong but I got all confused with my dates in the previous bog. I do know Jessica was born on 9th August 1982 so that makes the Gateshead, U2 and The Police gig the end of July and 82 not 83. That year, 1982 from […]

Bidding for your singer!

OK let’s do normal for a minute….well maybe not then. I often used to think wouldn’t it be great if there was a transfer market in the music industry much the same as in soccer. When you get Real Madrid paying around 75 million for Ronaldo, what could the boy Bono go for? Can you […]