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The Stone Roses ..the first demos

About an hour before the show started on the following Sunday he got the bass player Pete Gardner to drop a tape off at the radio station. Again somehow it all worked very well for them because the plaza where Piccadilly’s studios were situated was closed at night and I’m not sure how he got past the security guard…..but I heard the bell and went to reception. There was Pete in paisley shirt, classic Roger McGuinn haircut and clutching on to the quarter inch tape. I let him in and we had a quick chat. I told him I’d listen to it in the week as it was getting near show time.

As I walked back down the corridors of Piccadilly radio and towards the studio I glanced at the tape box and was intrigued by the titles…Misery dictionary So young, I wanna be adored (or Adored, if I remember it was titled back then.)   Heart on the Staves, Tell me, Mission Impossible, Nowhere fast….that was most of the tracks and running order….

Time was tight but as there was no real preparation for the show I got hold of Paula and Ro and said lets go have a quick listen. We went in to the news booth off the side of the on air studio and cued up the tape. Play! Misery dictionary was the track I played and we just all looked at each other and thought ‘Fuck’ this is really something. Considering it was the worse time to listen to anything…..15 minutes before I was on air we stayed there and listened to ‘Adored’ and Heart of the Staves’ and I ended up rushing in to the studio during the news and cueing up my first record, still clutching the Roses demo.

01 I Wanna Be Adored


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