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One hit wonders

Take a handful of artists away from the mix (not literally of course) and you’ll find there just isn’t the investment being put in to the record. If you’re signed to a record company they aren’t spending what they used to, they can’t afford to. They probably won’t be able to afford a top rate producer but just allocate a recording budget that will do little more than suffice. Independent promotion, nah we’ll save money and do it in house. They stick it out at minimum costs to see if there’s a bite and take it from there. It stinks of no confidence, who ever knew for certain any one record would be guaranteed to sell? Anything could bomb but a spend shows a commitment and a belief that you want to make it happen, or at least it did. If you let everyone know you had a great record then you still need a public eager to purchase.

Record companies were used to breaking an act and then selling records, and records meant albums. Today if you have a hit it’s because people have bought a song. It’s possible you may never sell another, and you can’t create stars least of all big selling acts when you’re peddling songs. The public is conditioned in to downloading something they might hear off the radio and even then as current statistics are showing most of them are ‘acquiring it.’ And what that means is no one is getting paid, people have something where no revenue has been created. You don’t need a Think Tank here to work out that if you can’t get paid for something why or how can you continue. Worse still where lies the future when writing songs want earn you a living wage, never mind make you a star.

We just don’t haver a generation growing up that are likely to change that. People like me can’t understand that and the people growing up don’t understand why I can’t understand it because it doesn’t matter to them. So we’ve arrived at a stalemate because you can’t educate people who don’t want to be educated, they’ll do it their way.

What made the music business exciting was it was driven by cycles, something was in and then next year something else was in. ¬†You can leave a door open but you still need people to want to come in. They need to be curious and they’re not.



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