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Diva Meltdown

Oh damn I was right all along, Whitney Houston is shit. Seems like her only redeeming feature, her voice let her down in Australia big time. The audiences started walking out (I hope with a refund) because the old battle axe was shite . It is reported from some reliable sources, including You Tube footage showing her taking time outs to gather her composure  before attempting to hit the notes. What the f….Oi, did you hear me last time, GO AWAY, leave us alone , you’re a has been . We are deserving of a Whitney free zone. You did very nicely indeed and now it’s our turn, give us all a break, you have become a laughing stock. How the hell, and who the hell do you think you are  that as a performer you can stop mid song and take a gulp of water or whatever it was and then return to the song that you already ended? When it stops love, it’s over.

What in the world compels her to keep trying to sustain a career that went years ago? Surely it’s not the money and why would you want your precious little reputation tarnished?  It all sucks, especially when you read what her publicist says to defend her. ‘The audience loved her, there were 8.000 in Brisbane and 12,000 in Sydney. There were more at Pearl Harbor and that didn’t make it  a good night. Yes Whitters they turned up but they started to leave.  Any clues there Mr Publicist? It means you’re either not having a good time or possibly they all left to catch the last bus home?

As long as she trawls her scrawny ass out I’m watching her. And everything I hear from everywhere, except Clive boy says you suck. What I don’t understand is that someone with Clive Davis’ ego should want to see this woman continue. Even though I can’t stand him nowadays there was a period when Clive Davis was a mover and a shaker in the music business and now he puts his reputation to the test so that me and many others look at him and think, he’s lost the plot.

The underlying truth here is that this is a business where some people just can’t let go. Where others are successful and slowly slip away for whatever reason, others just can’t do that. Whitney Houston just cannot accept that like most things in the entertainment industry there is a shelf like and you’ve had it. You’ve become very shelfish.


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