Stories for boys. U2, early beginnings

In 1980 I was working with U2, I’d been taking them in and out of radio stations prior to the release of their first single, ‘11 o’ clock tick tock’ and trying to get them in for interviews wherever I could. They had released three singles in the six months from May to October that year and we […]

Monkey business. The real Davy Jones

In the sixties there were two Davy Jones. Both were pretty, one became David Bowie and the other stayed the same. The Davy Jones we all grew to love teamed up with three others and The Monkees were born. The Monkees defined what pop music was all about, something to have and to hold and […]

Van , forever the man

Music is a huge part of life, the part that never let’s you down. An ever present core in a topsy turvy world. It soothes the soul, it ignites a fire and it calms a storm. It just about does anything you will allow it to do. I can’t imagine a world without great music […]

Music industry? You’re just somebody that I used to know.

I’m a cynical old fool when it comes to the record industry, that’s how I survived. I saw it first and foremost as a fan having fun, I thought it was hilarious that someone was going to pay me to indulge in my hobby. At the time I  thought if it lasted six months it […]