Music Industry Insider, Author, Speaker, Brit,
But Most of All…a Storyteller.

Life has been a wonderful adventure, from a job that was an extension of my hobby to an opportunity to work with people who’s records I’d bought as a kid.

Barely out of college I began my career in 1974, selling records out of the back of a van. Along came 1978 when I got the opportunity to work with Island Records, my all time favorite record label.

This was my first job in music PR and where I learned my trade. From there it was on to Charisma Records to work with Genesis and Peter Gabriel before going back to Island. I was homesick!

In 1982 I set up my own PR company working with both Island Records and A & M. The next 25 years was spent working with some of the world’s leading artists. In 1984 I was given my own radio show on Piccadilly/Key 103 in Manchester, England and towards the end of the 80’s I also managed New Order’s Peter Hook and his band Revenge.

The Millennium came, the music business had changed and for me it signaled that it was time for a change too. A move to the USA to reinvent myself, embrace what I had learned during my career and to look for ways to inspire others. During that time I wrote my first book, ‘Insights from the Engine Room.’

Come December 2010 Magic Leap came into my life. I got to watch them grow, became their Chief Evangelist and there I stayed until 2018.

I’m living now in St Pete Beach on The Gulf of Mexico, Florida and collaborating on some exciting new projects. As well as presenting a couple of radio shows I also host my own podcast ‘Moments That Rock,’ which is also the title of my latest book. Soon to be released will be a series of E books and audio books entitled, ‘The Insights Collection, Lessons Learned from Rock and Roll.’

I haven’t retired, there’s more to come so stay tuned!

There’s a much more comprehensive guide on my About Tony page.

I guess I have to plug this…it’s all true. I’m fancy…but I’m not precious.

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