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And so we have it, the return of Mr Cowell. For all the furore and madness sounding the Return of the Gedi it looks, from the media’s perspective like it was too many bells and whistles and not enough of what people want.  And when we had the Neilson ratings the public voted with their eyes…. and there weren’t too many of them! It seems X Factor’s ‘sensational’ beginning had two million viewers less than Modern Family which is about right as they are more Rock Star than X Factor will ever be. Worse of all was that the last series of American Idol with the Lopez/Tyler addition culled an audience of over twice that of X Factor. Urrrgh, the horror of it all but more than that, how will Simon handle failure in the first time in over a decade. Even by his own admission an audience of less than  20 million would be considered a failure so an audience of around 12 million is looking pretty grim right now especially when the curiosity factor alone should have been a ratings winner.

So what now? Next week’s show will be lambs to the slaughter if they don’t show a rapid increase in viewers but the reality is where will that audience come from? If they didn’t want the first why would they watch the second?

We live in age where people’s attention is minimal. Everything moves so quickly that in some people’s minds Simon might be last years thing. Once you fall from grace it becomes doubly hard to regain your throne again, at least not quickly. It’s going to be a very difficult time for the boy Cowell and very damaging to his image. Moving away from American Idol was right but I think the real winners were American Idol. They changed and Simon didn’t. They revamped the show and it worked, they didn’t replace Simon they replaced the whole look and feel. Simon and Paula sat side by side is ten years old, we’ve seen it all before.

There’s more but I’m waiting until tomorrow’s show…

What a madhouse the Cheryl Cole/Simon Cowell school of hype is. It seems that the success of American Idol has been too much to handle, Simon thought he would be missed and clearly no one gives a toss! Tyler, Lopez and Randy dog have given it such a new lease of life that it’it’s become more popular now than it has been since the early days. It all makes for an interesting time ahead.

Cheryl Cole, for the Americans that don’t know used to be on the UK X Factor and became a bit of a star. Never quite worked out why with such miniscule talent but that’s what happened. It didn’t last too long though and the backlash had already began so Simon Cowell decided he’d break her in America. Very  good for his ego, he must have been feeling a little lonely out in the cold and starved of adoration. Let’s have them write about how I am the finder of talent and please share my Cheryl Cole fixation. Apparently they didn’t care what he thought and neither did Fox so after a very lame performance in rehearsals they wanted her out. Ego’s this huge don’t take kindly to a battering and  daily front page headlines in the UK reporting the madness kept the public talking. Sadly, and for all the wrong reasons she was starting to get known here in the US. As a reject!

The publicity machine rubbed it’s ugly hands and saw all this as perfect fodder to start the ‘He’s back’ furore. The interesting thing however, is that while he’s been away not only has American Idol come to life again but the new NBC show ‘The Voice’ has been very well received both by the media and the public. Why? Well because it’s very good actually and doesn’t have a very opinionated ‘You sound like you should be on a cruise ship’ judge together with his vitriolic put down.

So let’s leave it there for now, the jury is out on this one. Will X Factor achieve the kind of success it did in the UK? After all there was no ‘Voice’ there to compete against when X Factor became so popular. This will be a huge challenge for Simon Cowell. He isn’t stupid, that’s for sure and a little publicity whether good or bad he’s hoping, will go a long way for him. All the way to the bank.

X  Factor is gathering up some unfavorable press in it’s homeland, the UK . Maybe the backlash is imminent and Britain is doing as Britain does,  builds ’em up to knock ’em down. As X Factor preps for it’s US debut it is now several seasons old in the UK and although he would never admit it there must be some nerves over the anticipated launch. Let’s face it Simon has set himself up where he has to live up to his own previous achievements. Mind you I’d suffer the stress for it’s rewards, I suppose.

So will the media be poised with knives at the ready to carve in to the chosen one? Nah I’m just speculating now with the rest. You see the thing is that Simon plays the game like a master, he knows exactly how to have the media love him. He has seen it from both sides and he’s smart enough to know that without them he has no job and subsequently no lifestyle. He would never let that happen after stumbling a few times on the way. When you wait that long to get something as big as this you’re smarter than the rest of the pack. It would be very hard for Simon Cowell to slip let alone fall.

When you look at the PR machine in play I bet Tiger Woods wished he had Cowell doing his image protection. I still look at that whole fiasco as the worse PR job I have ever seen. The boy with everything just allowed his people to sit back and do nothing. I blame all of them, why one didn’t step up to the table and confront the other and politely ask, ‘er should we be not getting a little busier round here? ‘ is beyond me. We live in  the age of image and if the public perceives you as something then you better make sure you live up to what they expect of you.  And family men do not play around with families other than their own, I wouldn’t have thought that anyone need tell him that. But of course Tiger is invincible so he thinks he can do as he wishes. Go away now, we’ve had enough of you. Tiger could so Tiger would.? Not anymore as he desperately clings on to his declining fortune. I wonder if he remembers life before his millions?

Tiger Woods, disaster, David Lettereman the opposite. When Letterman was accused of having affairs with female he came out and admitted it. When Tiger was over Tigering himself he thought he was invincible and his world came crumbling along with any ounce of credibility. Now he’s 50% less of whatever iron it is golfers pull out on this part of the course.

We’ve been Tigerless on this blog for months but I have to say everything I predicted  (although predicting was hardly difficult) on here jumped up to bite his Tiger bottom. And it’s been around to haunt him for over 18 months. And it will forever be there because of how he behaved. I don’t understand golf but you need to stick the ball in the hole and win your games, I know that much. Seems he wasn’t the golfer he was so now without that going for you how long will it ( you) last. If you’re not winning then you’re a loser.


Image or talent, how many times have we heard that? The music industry thrived on both and over many genres, artists who made great music just had that look. From Bowie to The Rolling Stones, from Elvis to Tina Turner. They looked worthy of a stage,  they almost needed one. It was their place for them to perform and our duty to rush to see them. So how come things got a little different?

We keep hearing about the X Factor and although the show here in the US has yet to begin Simon the C keeps telling us that is what they are looking for. Pray tell where might we see this? Where in the world is there a fraction of X in the entire line up of contestants either thrown off or left in the last six of this series of American Idol? Where did they ever even dream up the word idol? Same place has brought us the two definitions of famous, famous now as in train wreck and famous then as in Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. What ever happened to our stars, damn it!

So we have Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson? They are arguably as good as Idol has given us and I agree they can sing, but X Factor,? I think not. Nice girls, average songs, nice voice, nothing special with regard to image. That’s it when all is said and done, there is no image. There are a thousand women walking the streets that could be them.

And then came Lady Ga Ga, the greatest pop star since Michael Jackson in his ‘Thriller’ prime. Image, voice, performance, video and all round X Factor. She oozes it, she’s X , Y and Z, she has it all. She is the most important thing to happen to pop for eons. When Michael Jackson died I wrote he was the last pop star but  today we celebrate a new birth, a true pop star in every sense of the word. But will she be a one off, I sincerely hope not.

Lady Ga Ga is 24, she will last as long as she wants to. She can surpass Madonna as she is more of a chameleon, Madonna had some great images but some equally crap ones. Lady GG hasn’tput a foot, an eye liner or any lingerie wrong and I doubt she will. She’s totally sussed and the best performance artist for a very very long time. I only hope she can inspire those wanting to make a career in music in understanding that you can throw the American Idol right out of the window and have a career that elapses that of all the Idol winners put together. She will do more in a year than the others do ina lifetime. She is a complete master at constantlyreinventing herself. She is the reincarnation of Ziggy.