So it Goes, a tale of two Tones

I’d met Tony Wilson properly in 1978 when he was at Granada TV and one of the anchors on their local news program. Within the format they used to have a What’s On section which Tony presented……. which strangely enough was about what was on in the area regarding music, the arts etc. Tony had […]

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen must live forever, we should always have him around. I did a radio show for many years…. and in many years interviewed many people over many shows but I can’t remember any more joyous than meeting and talking to this man. When he left it made me appreciate how lucky I was to […]

The Stone Roses ..the first demos

About an hour before the show started on the following Sunday he got the bass player Pete Gardner to drop a tape off at the radio station. Again somehow it all worked very well for them because the plaza where Piccadilly’s studios were situated was closed at night and I’m not sure how he got […]