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Music is a huge part of life, the part that never let’s you down. An ever present core in a topsy turvy world. It soothes the soul, it ignites a fire and it calms a storm. It just about does anything you will allow it to do. I can’t imagine a world without great music and the memories of great moments. It’s the tapestry of your life, the weaver’s answer. It satisfies, it purifies and it magnifies everything in us. It’s completes us. And now as you look at the current turmoil the music industry is going through you hope there is a way for the great artists of then, and especially now to survive. Their legacy needs to remain for those that dare I say weren’t as fortunate as me to be groomed on such incredible music. But here and now is not the place to dissect, criticize or analize what was once the greatest story ever told. That’s for another time. So for now join me in my world and let me tell you a story, a story about what in my humble opinion is the greatest record ever made.

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