We could have had it all

When Adele sings ‘we could have had it all’ she really had no idea of the sentiments it evokes in us baby boomers. Boy did we have it all……and then some. I feel it’s about time  I thanked my mother for immaculately timing my conception, I mean who would have wanted to be born in […]

Bidding for your singer!

OK let’s do normal for a minute….well maybe not then. I often used to think wouldn’t it be great if there was a transfer market in the music industry much the same as in soccer. When you get Real Madrid paying around 75 million for Ronaldo, what could the boy Bono go for? Can you […]

The shows of old

I don’t miss going to gigs. I spent most of my life there for the best part of 25 years either with bands I was working with or choosing to go and see others in the time I had off. And looking back I saw pretty much everyone I wanted to. Now here’s the difference…………..I […]

What makes a great record?

This all started with the question, ‘What makes a great album.’ I can only offer my own conclusion because if I ever went in a recording studio I can guarantee one thing, that I wouldn’t come out with a great album. I can’t play or sing, maybe a great spoken word album but then again […]