On the road again and again and again

Going on the road with artists to do regional promotion tours used to be so much fun….occasionally you might get the less than inspiring rock n roller, but at least it made you aware that that was the last time you were taking them anywhere ! In their desperation for ‘promotion, any promotion’ some product […]

Being an artist

It’s tough out there being an artist, don’t let anyone tell you anything to the contrary. Nevertheless if you’re a true artist and by that I mean someone who is true to themselves you have to do some searching. And you have to do some serious searching, it’s not a one off task, you need […]

Do I need a manager?

Artist management, it’s a question you need to ask yourself at the very start of your career. The thought of having a manager can be exciting because you feel that you’re moving in the right direction, finally someone working alongside you to get things done. You might be right but you might be horribly wrong. […]

Creating an artist

Creating an artist was the very essence of the music industry, the one thing that made it great. And with great artists came long careers, their music would stand the test of time and enrich people’s lives. Th great artists of yesteryear  would also  influence the up and coming artists of tomorrow, they longed to […]