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Voicing the X Factor

What a madhouse the Cheryl Cole/Simon Cowell school of hype is. It seems that the success of American Idol has been too much to handle, Simon thought he would be missed and clearly no one gives a toss! Tyler, Lopez and Randy dog have given it such a new lease of life that it’it’s become more popular now than it has been since the early days. It all makes for an interesting time ahead.

Cheryl Cole, for the Americans that don’t know used to be on the UK X Factor and became a bit of a star. Never quite worked out why with such miniscule talent but that’s what happened. It didn’t last too long though and the backlash had already began so Simon Cowell decided he’d break her in America. Very  good for his ego, he must have been feeling a little lonely out in the cold and starved of adoration. Let’s have them write about how I am the finder of talent and please share my Cheryl Cole fixation. Apparently they didn’t care what he thought and neither did Fox so after a very lame performance in rehearsals they wanted her out. Ego’s this huge don’t take kindly to a battering and  daily front page headlines in the UK reporting the madness kept the public talking. Sadly, and for all the wrong reasons she was starting to get known here in the US. As a reject!

The publicity machine rubbed it’s ugly hands and saw all this as perfect fodder to start the ‘He’s back’ furore. The interesting thing however, is that while he’s been away not only has American Idol come to life again but the new NBC show ‘The Voice’ has been very well received both by the media and the public. Why? Well because it’s very good actually and doesn’t have a very opinionated ‘You sound like you should be on a cruise ship’ judge together with his vitriolic put down.

So let’s leave it there for now, the jury is out on this one. Will X Factor achieve the kind of success it did in the UK? After all there was no ‘Voice’ there to compete against when X Factor became so popular. This will be a huge challenge for Simon Cowell. He isn’t stupid, that’s for sure and a little publicity whether good or bad he’s hoping, will go a long way for him. All the way to the bank.


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