Lessons Learned from rock and Roll. An insightful stroll through the music industry through the eyes of one of UKs most illustrious insiders.  


Stories about the music business from those who helped make it great. Real music stories from real people. From the way it was to where it is.  


Insights from the Engine Room ( Tony is live on air on RHINOONAIR every Wednesday at 9am and a frequent guest and host on Manchester Radio Online. Stayed tuned for additional programing on Mixcloud.

Today everybody dreams of being a Rock Star but in reality very few are. With an irrefutable reputation achieved over thirty-plus years working with a stellar cast of clients Tony Michaelides IS a Rock Star. He has worked with some of the world’s biggest selling artists, in fact artists whose combined record sales have been well in excess of a BILLION. (U2, David Bowie, The Police, Peter Gabriel, Bob Marley, Massive Attack, Whitney Houston, Depeche Mode, Matchbox Twenty, New Order, Annie Lennox etc. He also spent seven years working with the two Simons, Cowell and Fuller.)

As an author, speaker, mentor, radio presenter etc this most revered, much respected and extremely personable maverick was granted an ‘Alien of Extraordinary Ability’ Green Card for his services to the music industry. His book ‘Insights from the Engine Room’ (Lessons learned from Rock and Roll) is littered with wonderful stories and valuable lessons. ‘It’s about the music industry and it’s about the people I met along the way, it’s about teaching some and learning from others. It’s about how they stared at failure and how they handled success. It’s about where they came from and where they went and what happened to them in between.’

Tony has embraced all the things in life that most of us are afraid to address, eager to avoid, or too scared to attempt. Consequently, many of us lack the tools and the kind of positive outlook on life that enables some people, like Tony the ability to see life’s opportunities before most. For the first time he has now decided to share his experiences with a multi-disciplinary audience in a way that everyone can relate to and is keen to integrate with and talk to people in a variety of different ways. Engaging with all in a genuine and down-to-earth manner his storytelling is captivating, the kind of stuff that you won’t forget!