Hello and welcome to my website! Take a look around and meanwhile I’ll keep you updated with what I’m up to.

Life has been a wonderful adventure, a job that was an extension of my hobby and an opportunity to work with people who’s records I’d bought as a kid! Never dreamed that could have happened to a football loving kid from the North of England…. but not complaining !

From running my own PR company for over 25 years and working with some of the world’s leading artists, to presenting my own radio show to managing artists (see my ‘About’ page for a more thorough career snapshot) The Millennium came and the reality of knowing that the music business was never going to be like it was meant it was time for a change. I put on my Ziggy Stardust hat and decided to emigrate, innovate and reinvent myself. No game plan just a lust for a life and a determination to make new things happen. Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight! Running to stand still? NEVER! Just get out and embrace new challenges.

Living now in St Pete Beach on The Gulf of Mexico, Florida and collaborating on some exciting new projects. Traveling to tell my story to Corporate America and beyond, to help inspire with the lessons I learned from Rock n Roll. Stories about strength in adversity, turning mistakes into opportunities. The stories about those you might admire from a distance who can be a little closer linked to what you do today but more importantly to what you do tomorrow.

Add being an advisor to the coolest tech start up on earth, Magic Leap and life is good. There could well be more…..but you’ll just have to come back here and find out! Live the life and love to learn.