Music Industry Insider, Author, Speaker, Brit,
But Most of All…a Storyteller.

From a job that was an extension of his hobby to an opportunity to work with people who’s records he’d bought as a kid.

Barely out of college he began his career in 1974, selling records out of the back of a van til along came 1978 and the opportunity to work with Island Records, his all time favorite record label.

This was his first job in music PR and where he learned his trade. From there it was on to Charisma Records to work with Genesis and Peter Gabriel before going back to Island as Head of Regional Promotion.

In 1982 he set up his own PR company working with both Island Records and A & M. The next 25 years was spent working with some of the world’s leading artists. In 1984 he produced and presented his own radio show on Piccadilly/Key 103 in Manchester England. Towards the end of the 80’s he also managed New Order’s Peter Hook and his band Revenge.

The Millennium came, the music business had changed and it signaled that it was time for a change. A move to the USA to embrace what he had learned during his career and to look for ways to inspire others. During that time he also wrote his first book, ‘Insights from the Engine Room.’

Come December 2010 he was approached by Rony Abovitz, CEO of Magic Leap and the opportunity to join him in his new start up becoming their Chief Evangelist and where he stayed until 2018.

Currently residing in Easton Maryland he also hosts his own podcast ‘Moments That Rock,’ which is also the title of his latest book. Coming shortly will be a series of E books together with audio books entitled, ‘The Insights Collection, Lessons Learned from Rock and Roll.’

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